About us

Our Team

Tim Ehmke

CEO - Data Scientist & Business Analyst

Pia Engl

Head of Science - Environment & Bio-Ressource Management

Johannes Lücker

Head of Markting - Urban Planning & Marketing

Paul Costa

Head of Development - Fullstack Developer

Mantas Bandonis

Head of Operations - AI Engineer & Manager

Our mission

Empowering urban communities to bring sustainable food production back to their homes

Around 80% of the food produced globally is consumed in urban areas.

Conventional agricultural systems pollute the climate and the environment worldwide. Over ⅓ of the global land area is used for agriculture, which means an enormous loss of biodiversity and CO² sinks. Other problems include high resource consumption, soil erosion and CO² emissions from transport routes.

Global commitment - local realities

By 2050, rapidly growing urbanization will mean that more than ⅔ of the global population will live in urban areas, making cities a key agent of change. Local strategies such as promoting urban agriculture will play an increasingly important role in addressing the climate crisis and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in democratizing urban farming and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals